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Coding Academi is an instituition that provides class apart education in the android coding course. Coding Academi was set up with one single aim- providing superlative AWS DevOps courses for remote learning. The instituition was established by realist and visionary founder- Mr. Manikanta VeeramReddy. Mr. Reddy has been an instituitional power in the AWS DevOps and training industry with a solid experience and expertise background of 12+ years. His renowned and preferred style of training focuses on Application level training and not mere content or theory level trainings.

Our founder has trained more than 1500 students (and counting) in India and internationally, in his career course so far. His expertise training sessions stretch to both offline and live class rooms. Mr. Reddy has provided training to major College students and Reputed Universities and elite corporates as well from all over country.

Over the years and under the guidance of our inspired founder, we are now a team of skilled instructors, happy students (who actually enjoy learning with us) and a keen and growing audience. We, at Coding Academi believe that perfection comes with practice. As a team, our students are of utmost importance to us. We are relentless for our quality service. We have committed ourselves in investing in continuous innovation of our educational courses, services, products, technologies, support and community, all designed to help enhance lives of our students with incomparable financial education. Here, at Coding Academi, our inspirational tools and resources, support and community are designed to help facilitate our students in their journey of learning to proficiency. We build their confidence in trading and investing.