Convert pem(Privacy-Enhanced Mail) file to ppk(PuTTY Private Key) file

Convert pem(Privacy-Enhanced Mail) file to ppk(PuTTY Private Key) file

Step1) To convert .pem file to .ppk , we need to use the puttygen software.
Download the puttygen(for 64 bit Windows OS) software by using below url.

Step2) Open the puttygen software.

Click on puttygen.exe icon.

Once you have double clicked on puttygen.exe file, it will open the below screenshot.


Step3) Load the pem file as follows.

Click on Load button and select the pem file and click on Open, as follows.


Once you have clicked on Open, you will see below popup, click on OK button.

Step4) Save the ppk file.

Click on Save private key button and select the path to store the ppk file as follows.

Give the filename for ppk file and click on Save button as follows.

Click on close symbol, once you have successfully generated.

Step5) Login into AWS EC2 instance  using ppk file as follows.

Download the putty software (for 64-bit Windows OS) below url if you don’t have downloaded it already from the below URL.

Once you have downloaded the putty software copy the putty software executable file (putty.exe) from the Downloads folder to the Desktop.

Open the Putty software. (Double click on putty.exe file), as follows.

Give the IP address of which server you want to connect to as follows.

Select the PPK file

Expand on SSH –> Expand Auth –> Click on Browse and select the PPK file and click on the Open button as follows.

Give the username as ec2-user for the RHEL instance and hit the Enter button.


Type the exit command for disconnecting.

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