DevOps Tools

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NameTypeSoftware Download URLVendorEarlier VersionsVersion
AWSPlatform as A ServiceRegister in AWSAmazon
AzurePlatform as A ServiceRegister in AzureMicrosoft
GCPPlatform as A ServiceRegister in GCPGoogle
IBMPlatform as A ServiceRegister in IBM CloudIBM
PuTTYgen for Windows 64 Bit MachineRSA and DSA key generation utilityClick Here
PuTTY for Windows 64 Bit MachineSSH ToolClick Here
MobaxtermSSH ToolClick Here
WinSCPFTP ToolClick Here
FileZillaFTP ToolClick Here
GitBashClientClick HereGit2.
GitHubCode RepositoryRegister in GitHub
GitLabCode RepositoryRegister in GitLab
BitBucketCode RepositoryRegister in BitBucket
JDKSoftware DevelopmentClick HereOracle1.8.0_1511.8.0_151
Notepad ++ - WindowsEditorClick Here
Visual Studio CodeEditorClick HereMicrosoft1.38
EclipseIntegrated Development Environment (IDE)Click Here
PyCharmEditorClick HereJET BRAINS2020.2.2
IntelliJEditorClick HereJET BRAINS
PythonLanguageClick HerePython Community
AntBuild ToolClick HereApache Software Foundation1.
MavenBuild ToolClick HereApache Software Foundation3.
GradleBuild ToolClick HereApache Software Foundation4.34.3
TomcatApplication ServerClick HereApache Software Foundation8.
Apache HTTP ServerHTTP ServerClick HereApache2.4.332.4.33
WildflyApplication ServerClick HereRedHat Community
JBossApplication ServerClick HereRedHat Community
SonarQubeCode Quality Analyzer ToolClick HereSonar6.66.6
Sonar ScannerCode ScannerClick Here3.0.3.7783.0.3.778
SonarQube CloudCode Quality Analyzer ToolClick Here
PostgreSQL DB ServerDatabaseClick Here
SQL Workbench/JDB ClientClick Here
DBeaverDB ClientClick HereDBeaver Community
NexusArtifactory RepositoryClick HereSonatype
JFrog ArtifactoryArtifactory RepositoryClick HereJfrog5.
JenkinsCI ToolClick HereJenkins Community2.
DockerContainerizationClick HereDocker17.09.0-ce
Docker HubRepositoryClick Here
AnsibleConfiguration Management ToolClick HereRedhat2.
ChefConfiguration Management ToolClick Here
Puppet - WindowsConfiguration Management ToolClick Here5.3
Puppet - MACConfiguration Management ToolClick Here5.3
IBM CloudPlatform as A ServiceRegister in BluemixIBM
PythonScriptingClick Here
Apache GroovyScriptingClick Here
Cloud FoundryClient ToolClick HereCloud Foundry6.
Bluemix CLIClient ToolClick HereIBM0.
Urban Code DeployDeployment ToolClick HereIBM6.
AzureDevOps (formerly VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services))Platform as A ServiceRegister in AzureDevOpsAzureDevOps
SlackTeam CollaborationRegister in Slack
New RelicApplication/Infra Monitoring and Performance MonitoringSignup in NewRelicNew Relic
GrafanaApplication/Infra Monitoring and Performance MonitoringSignUp in GrafanaGrafana
Site24X7Application/Infra Monitoring and Performance MonitoringSignUp in Site24X7Site24X7
AppDynamicsApplication/Infra Monitoring and Performance MonitoringSignUp in AppDynamicsAppDynamics
NagiosApplication/Infra Monitoring and Performance MonitoringClick Here
Virtual BoxVirtualizationClick Here
VMwareVirtualizationClick Here
VagrantVirtualizationClick Here
TerraformInfrastructure as a Code (IaC)Click Here
PackerVM Image Creation ToolClick Here
CentOSOS ImageClick Here
TerraformIaCClick Here
VaultSecrets HolderClick Here