For Corporate Professionals

Android is an operating system mainly used in mobile devices. It is basically used in touch screen mobile phones, tablets, and also computers. Android has taken up the global technology to another level and is constantly growing as a market. At Coding Academi, our Android App Development Course includes a broad Android development fastrack course online, with video tutorials form industry expert faculty and a lifetime access to these courses. These modules are especially designed for corporate professionals. We understand that managing a full time job while upgrading your skills becomes difficult. We are here for you to ease you through this difficulty. With these modules, you learn how to set up Android Studio for building Android N applications, creating a virtual device, multi-window support, active notifications, messaging service, direct boot, and scoped directory access.

Nowadays, the android application is quite popular and is in huge demand. To create an application in Android is easy and it can be done by the SDK or any software development tool that is available in the market. A single successful app can make you earn millions of dollars in just few months. This android app development course online helps you learn the skill required to create such an app. Our best Android App Development Course for career is a complete package to launch you in the higher position of your career path. It can be said that our modules for Android App Development course for job ready mainly focuses on the part that you learn important coding lessons within the strict timeframe of your full time job. It will help you land at the doorstep of new career heights.

As a corporate professional, you need to understand the full intensity of the cut throat competition there is around you. In order to stay ahead in this competition, you must armor yourself with the right knowledge of the market and the skills that will set you apart from the rest of the herd. This is where a good learning platform plays important role in boosting your career. Coding Academi, is a team of hardworking and dedicated professionals, who themselves were a part of this competition and now with their abilities have rose to better careers in their respective areas of expertise.

We provide not only the top online android app development courses but also the best of mentor assistance once your module is completed. We cherish all our students and their success is the reward we get for our dedication. Taking up our Android Development course will give you a command over better salaries and further career growth. Enroll now to fast track your career today.