Install Ansible in AWS EC2 Redhat Server

Install Ansible in AWS EC2 Redhat Server

Ansible Installation

1) Create RedHat 3 Servers (1-AnsibleServer, 2- Host Machines for demo) in AWS.

2) Login As a root user, create ansible user and provide sudo access in all Servers.

2.1) Create the user ansible and set the password on all hosts:
sudo useradd ansible
sudo passwd ansible

2.2) Make the necessary entry in sudoers file /etc/sudoersfor ansible
user for password-less sudo access:



2.3) Make the necessary changes  in sshd_config file /etc/ssh/sshd_config
to enable password based authentication.

Un comment PasswordAuthentication yes
and comment  PasswordAuthentication no.
And save the file .

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

2.4)    Then restart sshd service.
sudo service sshd restart

Install Ansible in Red hat (Ansible Server)

1)     SSH to Redhat System & Switch to ansible user
sudo su – ansible

2)     Install python
sudo yum install python3 -y

3)    Update python alaternatives
sudo alternatives –set python /usr/bin/python3

4)    Verify Python Version
python –version

5)    Install ansible using Yum

sudo yum -y install ansible

6)    Verify Ansible version
ansible –version

Generate SSH Key, Copy SSH Key(Ansible Server)

1)    Now generate SSH key in Ansible Server:

sudo su – ansible


2)    Copy it to Host  servers as ansible user:

Repeat the below command by updating the HOST IP for all the  HOST Servers.

ssh-copy-id ansible@<HostIP>


Update Host Inventory in Ansible Server to add host servers’ details.

1)    Add Host Server details


vi  /etc/ansible/hosts


# Connect using username and password ansible_user=ansible ansible_password=password


# Connect using username and pem(Make Sure Have pem file at given path) ansible_user=ec2-user ansible_ssh_private_key_file=~/aws.pem


# If ssh keys are copied


2)    Use the ping module to test Ansible; after a successful run, you can see the output below.


ansible all -m ping | SUCCESS => {

“changed”: false,

“ping”: “pong”



3)    Install sshpass in the Ansible server if you get the below error.


“to use the ‘ssh’ connection type with passwords, you must install the sshpass program

$ sudo yum install -y

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