JFrog Artifactory Installation – Linux

JFrog Artifactory Installation – Linux

JFrog Artifactory OSS Installation


#Pre Requisites

Java is the pre requisite for installing JFrog Artifactory .

Follow below url for installing Java.


#Login as a root user
sudo su –
cd /opt
yum install tar wget -y

#Download  the JFrog artifactory software

Use below to select the version

https://jfrog.com/download-legacy/  –> PRO Editions

https://jfrog.com/open-source/#artifactory –> OSS Editions

wget https://bintray.com/jfrog/artifactory-rpms/rpm -O bintray-jfrog-artifactory-oss-rpms.repo

sudo mv  bintray-jfrog-artifactory-oss-rpms.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/

#Install  the JFrog artifactory software
yum install jfrog-artifactory-oss

#Enable the artifactory services
systemctl enable artifactory

#Start the artifactory service
systemctl start artifactory

#Check  the artifactory service status
systemctl status artifactory

#Access the JFrog Artifactory server from Laptop/Desktop browser.
#Default Credentials
User Name: admin
Password: password


artifactory service is not starting?
a)check java is installed or not using java -version command.

Unable to access JFrog Artifactory URL?

a)make sure port 8081 is opened in security groups in AWS ec2 instance.

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