Recorded Sessions

Android is a dominant aspect of the tech industry today and it is constantly advancing each day. Therefore, it has become one of the most valuable employment sectors. Android app development offers a wide range of employability prospects and with its ease of learning it is accessible to students, Developers, Android technology base, Programmers, Computer science students, coding enthusiasts, employees looking for a Career Change, Job seekers, people looking to switch Technology, and to people who wish to build a career in Mobile app development.

At Coding Academi we offer you the industry’s Top online Android App development course designed by industry expert educators. The modules are definitive, precise, and practical. Therefore, the Best android app course for job seekers is the one that makes them job-ready upon the completion of the course. The idea behind online android app development course for student and fresher is that the student gets to learn it at their own pace and comfort.

Our modules are prepared by our industry expert educators who are skilled and dedicated to the bone. Their practical yet creative ways make learning with us more fun. All our sessions are recorded to ensure that no absent student is left behind. Session recording simply means that the lesson that has been taught is recorded for the benefit of the students. They can revise the recorded session anytime they want, thus, it helps them to understand the concept better. We also offer quick resolutions to student queries and relentless mentor assistance, making them feel valued at our center. Our core values lie in the best learning practices and services for our students.

Some of the benefits of a recorded session include:

  • Review availability to make sure that nothing is left out from the session.
  • Review your lectures anytime and anywhere to strengthen your learning.
  • Multiple device access makes learning more comfortable.
  • The session recordings system allows you to create your own bookmarks and private revision notes.
  • Any points that you wish to clarify during your live lecture will be available afterward.
  • You can prepare thoroughly for your previous and upcoming lectures and assignments.


It is always better to choose for recorded sessions especially during an online learning session so that all the concepts are correctly understood and any doubts can be resolved in reference to the session. You don’t have to worry about writing down the notes during the class itself, although it is advised to do so, it isn’t necessary anymore—happy learning to you all.