SonarQube Server Integration with Jenkins

SonarQube Server Integration with Jenkins

Pre Requisite:

SonarQuber Server
Jenkins Server

Step 1) Install the “SonarQube Scanner”  plugin in Jenkins as follow.

Step 2) Integrate the SonarQube server with Jenkins as follows.

Manage Jenkins —> Configure System —> SonarQube servers

Generate the SonarQube server authentication token

Login into SonarQube with Admin user.

http://<<IP Address>>:9000/

Default Credentials:

User: admin

Password: admin

Click on the Administration tab.


Click on Tokens

Step 3) Execute the SonarQube report for Maven Java Project.

Select the job, to which we need to run the sonarqube report, and click on configure, in the Post-build Actions options, click on Add post-build action –> Select the SonarQube report for the Maven project.

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